Apr 18, 2009

Weekly Menu

S and I are sitting here discussing what we need to get when we go out into this beautiful day and that led me to discuss meal plans. We've never done a meal plan for more than a day or two at a time in the past and that always leads us to ordering in, which can get very expensive and be very fattening.

And that's all going to stop right now.

I told him I had something planned for tomorrow and something planned for the week, and asked if there was anything more he had a taste for and he made the comment, "So I can't cook anymore?"


S is a great cook. He really is. But he works later than me and he cooks much more from scratch thereby taking much longer to make his dishes and frankly, I refuse to eat dinner at 9PM - and then have to clean up after him. So I told him I'd leave the weekends up to him and he seemed to like that idea.

So here's the plan for the week (my very first weekly plan - and I'm giddy about it!):

Monday - Broccoli and Pasta (don't really have a recipe made up for this but will post after I make it... probably go with something like this)
Tuesday - Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken (something like this I suspect) with Crash Hot Potatoes (which I've been dying to make)
Wednesday - Sloppy Joe Supreme (well, my version of it which takes that recipe and this one)
Thursday - Salsa Chicken and rice
Friday - order in day
Saturday & Sunday is all him. :)

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