Apr 14, 2009

The Schnitzeletta

I'm tired of throwing away good food because we don't like leftovers. And by "we", I really mean my husband. I don't know what the dillio is with him and leftovers but he just doesn't like eating them. No matter what! Grrr.

So now what am I supposed to do with all the delectable delights leftover from the large amount of food I made on Easter?

Eat it, that's what!

Tonight I plan on turning that Schnitzel into a Schnitzel Muffuletta sandwich! Oh my, I cannot wait! Instead of using lunch meat, I'll use a piece of Schnitzel and instead of Sicilian round bread, I'll use french bread but the olive spread??? Hell yes is that going to be a part of tonight's meal! Mmmmm, I'm salivating just thinking about it!

When I was younger, my dad got me hooked on eating Schnitzel leftovers in between two good pieces of crusty bread with a piece of fried artichoke (he's a wizard in the kitchen I tell ya!), a piece of provolone cheese, and if there were any leftover, a couple homemade fries. Holy cow was this sandwich to die for!! He should've friggin marketed it or something, it was that good!

Unfortunately, I don't have any fried artichokes (Papa's the kitchen person not me) or anything like that, but I did go out and by some olive spread designed specifically for Muffuletta sandwiches. Boy is my husband in for a treat!! He has no clue what I'm doing, he just knows that tonight the leftovers WILL be eaten!

Alongside the Schnitzel Muffuletta, hereby known as the Schnitzeletta (huh???? clever, eh??), I'm planning to turn the leftover Damn Good Mashed Potatoes into a potato pancake of sorts. Hmm, wish me luck on that one as I'm out of oil so will have to use butter and some EVOO.

I do plan on taking pictures and will report back later... I *know* this will NOT be a Fail. No, no, no! Not my Schnitzeletta!

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