Apr 6, 2009

Easter Lunch

I'm excited for this Sunday, which is Easter Sunday.

I'm excited because for the first time since being married, we'll be having a guest! Why wait this long? Because we finally moved somewhere conducive to having more than just Stephen and I huddled on the coach in front of the TV. This time, we get to have my ornery father over!

He's insistent on bringing a pasta dish (no surprise since he's Sicilian) but the rest I'm making (not sure about dessert just yet as we're supposed to go to my mom and grams for dessert):

breaded, fried pork
Mashed Potatoes
nothing fancy - peeled, boiled potatoes mashed with some salt, pepper, milk
Green Bean Casserole
just like on the back of the fried onion can!
Anise Insalata
salad made with Anise, olive oil and vinegar, oregano, salt, pepper

Mmmmm, cannot wait!

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